The Halo Cup – 28th July 2018

Halo Cup

This week see the 7th running of the Halo Cup which will see two previous winners, that is sending send out their five year old champs.

Without doubt this crop of five year olds, have from season to season supplied top class fields. No one horse has dominated, so lets take a look at who will run this week.

Cahit’s Torba, winner of last seasons Epona Cup, and from a stable having a strong run in world cups the last few seasons. He has to be a huge threat in this seasons Halo.

Dixon Racing Goldmark, winner of the Sphinx, currently seen as one of the best stables in the game, expect another strong result.

Outside this premier pair we see Angel Flight with Stardom Bound, winner of the Sires Produce as a 2yo. With this mare in the hands of one of the best stables in Track King history with juveniles, a real show every time one of Angel’s horses step out.

The class does not stop with this threesome multiple cup winners all around DR Stables, Flying Spurs and Ezulwini. All three in the mix with their runners .

Last but not least the other entries have either won cups or shown enough to threaten here. All bodes well for a outstanding final.

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Good luck punters and have a dip a upset can happen.

(Preview courtesy of woodchuckers)

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 4,6,2,1,1 Torba BODRUMLUCK Fred Gilliand N/A
2 2,1,2,6,3 Courage Under Fire Tazdevil Daysi Zade N/A
3 1,1,1,2,3 Flamingo Flyer flying spurs Kenia Tokay N/A
4 3,9,1,3,4 Ps Super Smoke Priceless Speedsters !Blazin’ Saddle! N/A
5 2,1,4,1,1 Stardom Bound Angel’s Flight Codi Helfert N/A
6 1,1,3,2,2 Goldmark Dixon Racing Vernita Leidholt N/A
7 3,8,4,8,4 Fear The Dragon DR Stables Susannah Tardif N/A
8 8,5,2,6,2 Outside Influence Ezulwini !Lilly Jahncke! N/A
9 1,4,6,7,5 Smooth Finish StaldPedersen !Corina Basley! N/A


Pre-race comments from:

Angel’s Flight – “Stardom Bound ended up copping an injury in the Epona finals at the end of last season and seem to be not as fit as I would like her at this stage. With that in mind Torba and Goldmark look like the horses to beat if the rest of the field have any chance of taking home the prize. 

Dixon Racing – “This will likely be Goldmark’s last run for us as he doesn’t really fit the stable dynamic. He’s a very nice sort but has given me some challenges in the last few races. Having said that, he showed a lot more in the heat and should be cherry ripe for the final. Stardom Bound and Torba the obvious dangers but with fast ground a possibility it’s a very open race.

DR Stables – “Fear The Dragon runs true to it’s style, unpredictable. Never know how this horse will perform or how he will finish. The upside with Fear the Dragon is both his wins were for cups. The downside is he raced 15 times. Nothing to fear here, just hope he doesn’t finish last.”

flying spurs – “Very happy with Flamingo Flyer who is racing against a tough group. Goldmark. Torba and Stardom Bound the three that will fight it out. Flamingo I hope can finish close up and run a place, that would be a good result for the stable.”

BODRUMLUCK – “Torba is not trained to be a cup winner, reduced his training to 2 hours a week for few weeks because I didn’t want to waste precious hrs on a talent less horse. Until out of boredom entered him to Epona. He won in style out of spite. See what happens this time against Goldmark.”

Tazdevil – “Courage Under Fire has been thereabouts of late I feel he has more to give I just can’t unlock it will try some new tactics in final see what happens, horses to beat are Torba and Goldmark great heat they ran.”

Ezulwini – “Outside Influence ran a fairly good heat and is in good shape, but he doesn’t have a good record in finals. Maybe that will change…”


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