The Ascot Vale Cup – 14th October 2017

Ascot Vale

The Ascot Vale Cup this weekend is the battle ground for the top two guns in the game at the moment. The presence of a few others will guarantee a competitive contest.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2,6,1 Paranoid Bristol Turks Versie Lauenroth N/A
2 2,1,1 Secret Brainteaser Dixon Racing Pilar Kreisher N/A
3 1,1,6,2 Beadman Madden Manor Park Stud Weldon Fenton N/A
4 3,1,1,4,1 Double Down Winning Post Farm !Huey Frankiewicz! N/A
5 4,3,4,2,8 Edinburgh Castle Cape Hall Wyatt Deloye N/A
6 5,3,2,3 Black Sin Sin666 Winnie Ohs N/A
7 3,7 Mumsam Bonzo ghanainternational Sasha Macconaghy N/A
8 2,11,9,2,3 Khal Drogo WWE STUD Peter North N/A
9 2,5,2,4,2 Nirvana Cornol Great nags Ollie Kirschman N/A
10 3,12,9,10,8 Dogface Gremlin Priceless Speedsters !Sugarcane Handler! N/A
11 1,2 All About Square Get Square Lodge Sadye Balley N/A
12 10,5,4 Regalis Shakti Spuraholics Kylie Tardy N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Winning Post Farm – “Double Down goes into the Ascot Vale Cup with a score to settle with Secret Brainteaser. The red hot favourite’s Golden Slipper win marks him out as the outstanding sprinter of his age group and he also looked impressive on the softer ground of the Heat. Double Down has got stronger as a three year old and, if he can see out the trip, we might be able to make a fight of it. My jockey was impressed with our Heat victory and it was the first time he had ridden him on the track. All in all this should be an open race for the prize money places although few will expect a giant-slaying.”

Get Square Lodge – “Ran above expectations in his qualifier, however the run has really taken it’s toll on him health wise….The vet’s are working overtime to have him well enough to line up again in the final. A top 5 finish would be sensational.”

Great Nags – “Yeah I would like to be involved but I don’t really know what to say. In my 7 months here I think I’ve got to about 3 finals, but this is my first go at a serious non age restricted cup. I don’t rate my chances, I don’t like my jockey and there are better horses in the race. I was pleased in the heats though.”

Manor Park Stud – “Not sure what to expect in the final as the last 2 jockeys haven’t really worked out so hoping its third time lucky. A fast ground final will favour the fast finishers massively so the rest of us could be in a spot of bother. Good luck to all.”

Dixon Racing – “Brainteaser ran a solid heat on slow ground. He will be far better suited to the ground of the final and we’re expecting a solid showing from him. Good luck to all and many thanks to Hareeba for his continual sponsorship of this cup.”

Bristol Turks – “I’m in this for a bit of fun. Paranoid is training to be a short distance runner so not ideally suited for sprints. The field looks very competitive so anywhere in top 5 would be a great result.”

Priceless Speedsters – “We are still waiting for Dogface Gremlin to exceed expectations. DG has improved on his times so we may get lucky and place. If I was a betting man and I am, my money is on Brainteaser and Beadman with Paranoid or Double Down 3rd. However good luck to everybody.”

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