The So You Think Cup – 26th August 2017

So You Think

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 4 Rattlin’bones Rattlin’Bones Stud Black Bones N/A
2 2 Wicked Games Allison Racing Elli Weingard N/A
3 3,3 Hampton Wick Sootie !Madlyn Rexwinkle! N/A
4 1,2,1 Whispers Troublemaker’s Flor Tresselt N/A
5 (scratched) N/A
6 3,4,2,2 Spirited Hothoof Rawhide Exie Marzan N/A
7 3,1,1,1,5 Beachin Makers Mark SIV Madeleine Presswood N/A
8 13,1,1,2,3 !Breed Troy Berry! Snohomish Silence !Gerda Salling! N/A
9 1,1,3,5,1 Stabbed Rat New Scotland Yard Eldora Mcdermond N/A
10 (scratched) N/A
11 3,3,2,5 Cape Hall Leader Cape Hall Beth Blyze N/A
12 5,6,1,1,2 Play Racist Le Saint Stables Emmie Mahfouz N/A
13 4,3,6 Vivienne Sycamore !Dallas Jody! N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Makers Mark SIV – “Beachin is a nice mare that will have a run at the big boys. I would be very happy with a top three but is a tuff field. She should have the top distance XP in the race but I have not prepared her as well as I should have and this was a kinda of a last minute decision to run.”

Snohomish Silence – “We will witness the Win by a W, which one is the question. I give the edge to Whispers. My colt is looking to improve on last year’s distant finish. If things go well for him, he may be able to place in the money. The only other time my stable accomplished that in a World Cup final was in a Limited Breeder’s run with this same colt, so we’re hopeful for this next step up.”

Le Saint Stables – “Play boy loves to go fast and play in the mud people must wonder why the stable have entered him in the Premier 3YO race the owner “5 Stud Jim Brown” paid the entry fee so around he goes – A chip and seat is all you need to win.”

Sycamore – “Vivienne. Will run well looking for a place not quite fully fit but will take her chance.”

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