Review Cup Weekend 29th July 2017

Epsom Derby


Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Thistledown Woogle Wood Willy Vlautin 2:32.219
2 6 Valkyrie Karaka Breeders Ethyl Evertz 2:33.119
3 3 Luckbox New Scotland Yard Eldora Mcdermond 2:33.676
4 8 Bare Sinbads swindin Debora Sokol 2:34.299
5 4 Stabbed Rat New Scotland Yard Rosette Leri 2:34.565

Click here to watch the race

Post race comments from: 

Winner: – Woogle Wood – “Very satisfied with Thistledown‘s cup win, especially with the muddy conditions not being in her favour. She’s got a long way to go to fill New Terrain’s (horse)shoes, but she is going the right way about it at the moment.”

Others: – Karaka Breeders – “Can’t watch the race, but I expected a good run on the slow ground compared to the heavy in the heat. On the times the winner was dominant so will have to try and bridge that gap for the next cup.”

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