The Grand Prix Stakes – 16th June 2017

Grand Prix Stakes

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 1 Muddy Mudskipper Windy Hill Lee Telmofo N/A
2 2,3 Gospel Plow trouble racing Duncan Gasch N/A
3 1,2 Karacho Silk Stella Bella Stables Danial Carreras N/A
4 14,4 Malosi Sparkles Double U Stables Lorraine Froese N/A
5 1,5 Ultraconscientious Sinthville Frank Hayes N/A
6 2,1 Volturi TiltaWhirl Gerda Salling N/A
7 3,4 Spirited Hothoof Rawhide David Avitia N/A
8 3,1,5,11 Forza Skate Buster Stables Sherlyn Jovanovich(A) N/A
9 3 Go Gaper Slo Mo Stables Johnie Kolikas N/A
10 1,3 Mumbai Riddley Walker Racin Mayra Mouldin N/A
11 2,6 Joren Speed Breed Steffanie Cresci N/A
12 5,5 She’s All Orillas del YI Cori Anda N/A
13 3,3 Breed Troy Berry Snohomish Silence Hailey Peca N/A
14 Thistledown Woogle Wood Willy Vlautin N/A
15 Whispers Troublemaker’s Billy Bushwacker N/A
16 Hampton Wick Sootie !Carlee Mukhtar! N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Windy Hill – “No prizes for guessing who didn’t check the weather pattern before buying their 2yo. Relatively low rated mud-lark on a good or fast track will need a miracle to finish in the top 5.”

Riddley Walker Racing – “Mumbai has a chance in the race although probably needs greater stamina to win. Jockey instructions going to be critical in this race. Will be thereabouts. Hoping to place.”

Speed Breed – “Joren is hoping to finish in the top 5, anything else would be expectantly wonderful. There are a lot of amazing 2yo’s in the final race of the series and Joren just hopes to be among them at the finish line.”

trouble racing – “The Plows previous two runs were encouraging to make me think he’s a outside chance.
10,6 and 2 are my tips.”

Rawhide – “The horse seems well prepared, the track conditions are shaping up perfectly, the jockey is starting to sober up – there must be a small chance we won’t finish last!”

Snohomish Silence – “I’ve been enamored with BTB since he was foaled, but I know he doesn’t have a chance with the jockey in the saddle. Unfortunately, he’s the best the game allows me to get, so I’ll ride him in the toughest race I’ve entered in my five months here. At any rate, I’m anxious to see BTB run with the elite even if he finishes in the middle of the pack. I think the double-digit horses will fare well, especially Whispers. I don’t think he’ll go quietly and is my pick to win assuming the track is good.”

Troublemaker’s – “Whispers is not ready to race, but I decided to test the group and see how close (or far) he goes.”

Double U Stables – “These races can be unpredictable but Malosi doesn’t have a real chance I don’t think. Small chance of one of the lower places but if you’re not in you can’t win.”

Woogle Wood – “It looks like a tough race, with plenty in with a shout. Thistledown is being trained with epics in mind, but I’m keen to just get a run into her; whatever she does in this race she should be better in one or two season’s time. Having said that, she is not a million miles away from the OR and stats of New Terrain when he won this. A win would be a miracle, but top 5 would not surprise.”

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