The Aussie Clothing Down Under Sprint – 27th May 2017

Aussie Clothing Down Under

Dasher is a top class mare and is surely overdue to register a maiden world cup win. Sadye Balley is an interesting and possibly key jockey booking and the now five year old will be doing her best work late.

Four-time world cup winner Rollin In The Deep produced a no fuss prep win in the heat and she cannot be written off. 

Solid As A Rock will be ready after his gutsy prep win in on Saturday. The Wizardry of Michelle Llarenas is perhaps the perfect foil for this bay mare.

Dopey Donkey Digs is a man with winning aspirations, and he saddles the grey mare Choppa. If she starts the race in good nick, and be given every opportunity by her jockey Chieko Kish, she could be lethal over this course and distance.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2,5,1,1,1 Rollin In The Deep Bristol Turks Bree Vascones N/A
2 1,3,1,1,1 Dasher Force Sadye Balley N/A
3 1,2,2,6,1 Solid As A Rock Angel’s Flight Michelle Llarenas N/A
4 13,2,7,8,2 Choppa Dopey Donkeys Digs Chieko Kish N/A
5 2,4,3,7,4 Colt Forty Six DR Stables Kristal Glunz N/A
6 2,2,1,3,4 Third CatchMeIfYouCan Keith Creveling N/A
7 3,1,1,2,3 Chayne’s Plato zanzibar Ali Lundsten N/A
8 2,9,3,1,2 Leela Thataz Elephant Juice Racin Johnetta Gembarowski N/A
9 3,8,1,5,1 Forwarned Diamond k Cortez Kavanah N/A


Pre-race comments from:

DR Stables – “Colt Forty Six will be racing to make sure the others get home safe. Don’t see this horse cracking the top five. After his disappointing heat run I’m just hoping he doesn’t finish last. He will have a different jockey and more aggressive race instructions for the final but that won’t be enough to beat Dasher.”

Angel’s Flight – “Solid As A Rock has been a little enigma of late and I wanted to really race him to work out some bugs. This may not be his best surface but a good run in this company might be the trick to get him back in order. Dasher look like the one to beat.”

Bristol Turks – “Right, I got Rollin in this event to gain some experience. The ground is not ideal for her and sprints are not her best events but you never know. I think she’s good enough to finish in the money and you gotta be in it to win it so we’ll see how it goes.”

Dopey Donkeys Digs – “Dasher looks to be the horse to beat in the final. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Choppa finishing a (distant) second!”

Force – “During Dasher’s last Cup outing in the Amethyst Trophy she finished a respectable 3rd on slow ground and only got beaten by two muddies. Hopefully the track will stay Dead and give her a good chance to get her first WC. Anything is possible in a sprint, so hopefully she can have a good start and get a clear run.”

Diamond k – “I think it will end up 1. Dasher 2. Rolling In The Deep 3. Solid As A Rock.”

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