The Aussie Clothing Down Under Short – 25th February 2017

Honey I Shrunk The Kids

The Aussie Clothing Down Under Short sees a small, but interesting field battle it out for the cup. Wife Doesn’t Play comes into the race in some fine form, whilst Inca’s ever dangerous triple crown winner Angel From Hell will look to add an eighth trophy to her already loaded cabinet. These two monster 6yo’s however won’t have things all their way, as they have to make their way passed not 1, not 2 but 3 well prepared mudlarks in considerably wet conditions, the best of these looks to be the aptly named Aussie Man from Sardean Lodge.

1. Wife Doesn’t Play

6yo mare from Troublemaker’s, Career earnings: $2,015,892
Overall rating: Grand(69) – Competitive
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by MolietsSurfer
Lineage:By What A Rush out of Wear The Fox Hat
Recent form:1,1,1,1,1

Stable comments: -“Well the heat run was very soft, so I think my mare will run good, I know I need a very strong performance to beat Sardean, he will win his first cup if everything goes right in this race.”

2. Angel From Hell

6yo mare from DR Stables, Career earnings: $5,318,946
Overall rating: Grand(69) – Stalker
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by DR Stables
Lineage:By Blitzen out of Burning
Recent form:3,4,2,3,2

Stable comments: -“Angel From Hell won’t like the slow or heavy track, but will be trying anyway. In an attempt to capitalize on Angel’s late kick, Elease Frabotta will get the mount. Main contenders are Wife Doesn’t Play and Aussie Man Sardean. Top 5 should be in reach.”

3. Aussie Man Sardean

6yo stallion from Sardean Lodge, Career earnings: $1,897,986
Overall rating: Tremendous(70) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by Sardean Lodge
Lineage:By Ozymandias out of Sardean
Recent form:2,1,1,3,1

Stable comments: -“Once again Aussie will run a good race. We fear a number of stables left half their horse in the barn for the heats so top 3 will make us happy. Good luck everyone.”

4. Jaguar Flyer

6yo stallion from YellonkY, Career earnings: $2,002,640
Overall rating: Grand(65) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by Dem Stud
Lineage:By I’ve Soiled Myself out of Charley
Recent form:1,1,5,1,1

Stable comments: -“This a sprint horse, but still a mudlark so I hope that we can try to do something interesting. although I don’t think we can win.”

5. Keladry

6yo mare from Speed Breed, Career earnings: $1,961,521
Overall rating: Grand(67) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by Speed Breed
Lineage:By Canus Sharif out of Arya Horseface
Recent form:2,1,6,2,2

Stable comments: -“Keladry will be in top medical condition on race day and has great experience on slow tracks. However, she lacks experience at short distance races. She should be in the top 5 and maybe the top 3 with an outside chance at winning on race day.”

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