The Amethyst Trophy – 14th January 2017

The Amethyst Trophy

Happy As A Pig?

The Amethyst Trophy Sprint brings the curtain down on the first weekend of cup racing in season 38, today at Rocky Mountain Ridge. It looks a tricky race to negotiate with mature speed firepower interspersed with some good recent form. It goes without saying that there could be a surprise lurking.

Bristol Turk’s Gr1 multiple cup winner Rollin In The Deep is the obvious class in the field. He is six-time winner with proven capability, and could still add to his bank. The son of Dancing’ Solid As A Rock has been very consistent and close enough at his recent starts to make a top four choice in this line up.

Warlock has acquitted himself quite well and will be more effective over the extra 200m. Silverfash Flyer went the easier route to qualify for the final, and if in prime condition come race day, might scare the top contenders. Morgan Metallo is riding like a man possessed and partners the beautiful bred and progressive mare Dasher. She faces her biggest test to date, but has run close enough, to suggest that she could earn a stakes cheque.

There may be trouble ahead if Choppa from the Dopey Donkey Digs stable, beats the one from Desert Wind Stables Slime Ball. But while there’s music and moonlight and love and romance, let’s face the music and dance.

Bones Graveyard’s consistent Annie’s Sexy Bones would have preferred running over dead ground and has a big task in the slop. She seldom runs a bad race and is guaranteed to keep them honest. Megan Bogan Raton is another one that are not suited to the slow ground, and may struggle. 

Unsullied might be lacking in overall rating, but he has a solid turn of foot and could earn in this field. Special Edition has produced sufficient decent performances to give her a shout here.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Solid As A Rock Angel’s Flight Alyson Comans 1:12.401
2 6 Slime Ball Desert Wind Stables Norine Whelihan 1:12.494
3 5 Dasher Force Morgan Metallo 1:12.655
4 2 Rollin In The Deep Bristol Turks Bree Vascones 1:13.298
5 3 Warlock Karaka Breeders Lorraine Froese 1:13.392


1. Solid As A Rock

4yo stallion from Angel’s Flight, Career earnings: $917,311
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by Seahorse Racing
Lineage:By Dancin out of Of Silver Pistols
Recent form:2,3,2,4,3

Stable comments: – “Now it’s time for the muddies to play. With the heat being good last weekend it was about qualifying and making it to the big dance where the finals will be slow. All signs point to SAAR being ready to tango. All the muddies will be tough but the horse to beat will be Bristol Turks, Rollin In The Deep. A 3 time World cup winner you must respect his stilo.”

2. Rollin In The Deep

4yo mare from Bristol Turks, Career earnings: $2,577,677
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by Bristol Turks
Recent form:1,1,2,1,4

Stable comments: – “This is a big challenge for Rollin. She’s been in fine form in Short events but not so in Sprints to date. The heat run was as expected due to the unfavourable going for Rollin but she came out fine. I managed to pair her up with Bree Vascones once again and this is a combination worked well in the past so am hoping for a good race and a top3 place.”

3. Warlock

4yo stallion from Karaka Breeders, Career earnings: $588,200
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Stalker
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by Karaka Breeders
Lineage:By Fiordland out of Voodoo 
Recent form:2,3,6,2,8

Stable comments: – “If you look at the rat tool for Warlock‘s heat you’d see the stalker style didn’t kick in, so think I’ll have to rethink my riding instructions for the final. Let’s hope the jockey is on board and performs to instructions too! The weather should favor the mudlarks so my stalker would have to pull out an exceptional run to challenge. Hoping for the stars to align? Good luck to all finalists, will be another competitive edition!”

4. Silverflash Flyer

4yo mare from flying spurs, Career earnings: $1,060,228
Overall rating: Reasonable(51) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by flying spurs
Lineage:By Secret Phantom out of Stardust Flyer
Recent form:1,5,4,9,1

Stable comments: – “Silverflash ran Sunday to save energy for the final. I hope she fit for the final and gives a good account over the sprint. I figure top 5 will take a good run Saturday.

5. Dasher

4yo mare from Force, Career earnings: $965,200
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Competitive
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by JEDIMIND
Lineage:By Kushiel out of Nature’s
Recent form:5,3,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “I was pleasantly surprised by Dasher’s run in the heat. Hopefully she can recover enough and do it again.”

6. Slime Ball

4yo stallion from Desert Wind Stables, Career earnings: $182,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by Desert Wind Stables
Lineage:By Leaves Then out of Flaming Balls 
Recent form:7,6,5,2

Stable comments: – “Slime Ball has not impressed in previous cup runs but hoping we have a slightly better chance in the Amethyst. I was happy with his heat performance, although hard to judge a mudlark on good ground. It’s a strong lineup so looks like it will be an exiting race. However, with the forecast for rain over the days preceding the race, I suspect the mudlarks will have the edge.”

7. Annie’s Sexy Bones

4yo mare from Bones Graveyard Stud, Career earnings: $595,700
Overall rating: Admirable(55) – Competitive
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by Bones Graveyard Stud
Lineage:By Mr Gizmo out of Princess Cleo 
Recent form:2,7,12,3,3

Stable comments: – “Its in there but don’t think it will do any better in final.”

8. Choppa

4yo mare from Dopey Donkeys Digs, Career earnings: $756,400
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Stalker
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by light weight
Recent form:7,7,3,1,5

Stable comments: – “If the track stays dead I’d fancy a place – but with the weather looking to turn very wet later this week I expect the Mud Larks to thrive. Rollin in the Deep looks a safe bet – but expect stiff competition from Rhed’s Slime Ball and Angel’s Solid as a Rock!”

9. Megan Bogan Raton

4yo mare from Whispering Death, Career earnings: $105,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Early sprinter
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by Whispering Death
Lineage:By Silas Turds Chaser out of Kalamata
Recent form:4,6,6,9,5

Stable comments: – “Not really expecting much from Megan – she’s really just here for the outing as the track condition will not suit her style.”

10. Unsullied

4yo stallion from WWE STUD, Career earnings: $993,855
Overall rating: Acceptable(44) – Stalker
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by WWE STUD
Lineage:By Strangee out of Patty-cake 
Recent form:1,2,1,2,1

Stable comments: – “

11. Special Edition

4yo mare from cassie, Career earnings: $780,721
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Unpredictable
Born:Fri 1st Jul 2016, bred by cassie
Lineage:By Gallahadion out of Fire Oak 
Recent form:4,1,1,4,4

Stable comments: – “Still trying to win a world trophy and could go close. Special Edition worked too hard early in last weeks qualifying heat from wide gate. Going to ride him quiet early to see if he can overrun them late.”

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