Track King Nuts – Season 37 Awards Nominees

Reach for the Stars

Season 37 has come and gone in what felt like an instant and the TK Nuts team have got together to make their nominations for the Season 37 Awards. We’re pretty sure there will be a lot of debate around the nominations – feel free to comment in the comments section, although barring anything seriously obvious, no nominations will be changed.

The TK Nuts panel will convene and vote for the winners with the final awards being announced on the last day of season 37.

The Season 37 nominations are:


Horse of the Season

  • Patrobas
  • Nyquist
  • Our Gary
Stable of the Season

  • Manor Park Stud
  • Secret Revolution
  • Bristol Turks
Stable To Watch

  • Master Blaster
  • Chaotic Neutral
  • Priceless Speedsters
2yo of the Season

  • Libra Starz
  • Bravado
  • Jaguar
3yo of the Season

  • Rollin In The Deep
  • New Terrain
  • Secret Legacy
4yo of the Season

  • Nyquist
  • Northern Skies
  • Monsun
5yo  of the Season

  • Royal Flush
  • Wife Doesn’t Play
  • Poseidon
6yo of the Season

  • Patrobas
  • Viking Power
  • Shadow Warrior
7yo of the Season

  • Spirited Away
  • Secret Aurora
  • Campaign
8yo of the Season

  • Kingsman
  • Allwrong Bowler
  • Jacqueline
9yo of the Season

  • Camilla
  • Secret Pact
  • Devils Lil’ Sister
10yo of the Season

  • Our Gary
  • Requiem
  • Secret Trojan

“Comments From A Few Golden Nuts Nominees”


Wow, a massive honour to be mentioned as a candidate. Thanks!
I can think of other watch-worthy stables, too; I bet it was tough to narrow it down to 3 only in each category.

Massive thanks to the TK Nuts crew yet again for enhancing the TK community with your (p)reviews, articles, interviews and every thing you guys do! – kazana

I 2nd that notion Kazana, I’m honored to be top three out of many. Gives me pleasure to know TK Nuts crew combs through the weeds to pull out potential. Whether I win or not it’s great to be nominated.

Thanks TK Nuts staff – datruf82

Thank You very much for nominating Campaign, we’re both very proud 🙂 – kOsToR



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