The Week Ahead 30th October 2016



Sprinters Shield 29-Oct REG Open Sprints Free
Magic Mile 29-Oct REG Open Medium Free


2yo Sprint Breeders Cup 05-Nov MEDI 2yo, owner/breeder only Sprint  10k
2yo Long Breeders Cup 05-Nov ROCK 2yo, owner/breeder only Long  5k
2yo Limited Breeders Cup 05-Nov SYDN 2yo, C3-C6 only, owner/breeder only Sprints to Short  5k
3yo Short Breeders Cup 05-Nov MEDI 3yo, owner/breeder only Short  5k
3yo Middle Breeders Cup 05-Nov SYDN 3yo, owner/breeder only Short to Medium 10k
4yo Sprint Breeders Cup 05-Nov MEDI 4yo, owner/breeder only Sprints 10k
4yo Long Breeders Cup 05-Nov GRET 4yo, owner/breeder only Medium to Long  17,5k
5yo+ Epic Breeders Cup 05-Nov MEDI 5y0+, owner/breeder only Epic  20k
Breeders Mile 05-Nov ROCK 5y0+, owner/breeder only Medium 10k
Track King Master 12-Nov ARDE C1 winners /6 Classic & Challenge & TKO winners only Medium to Epic Invitation
Platinum Plate 19-Nov SYDN 6yo Long 25k
So You Think Cup 19-Nov SYDN 3yo Long 25k
Princess Tiara 19-Nov ROCK 7yo+ mares, 5+ wins Sprints 40k

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