The Aussie Clothing Down Under Long – 27th August 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse


The Aussie Clothing Down Under Long

Manor And A Machine

A staying feature at Sydney Harbour Racecourse today forms part of the Aussie Clothing Down Under festival. The 1850m race looks tailor-made for Manor Park Stud’s Blue Tyndareus colt, Patrobas. He is a galloping machine, who is a difficult fellow to peg back when he is in the lead. Blackjack Farms doubles up with Double Blind and Lady Diva, they finished 2nd and 3rd in their last cup behind Patrobas, and we expect them to finish in the same pecking order.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Patrobas Manor Park Stud Judith Eakes 1:51.055
2 2 Fridas Jeebus DR Stables Rochelle Peques 1:52.851
3 4 Acca Dacca Raspadora Lodge Christia Petrin 1:53.146
4 8 Roxy Gekko Naughty Rockstar Racing Lise Guitterez 1:53.147
5 6 Double Blind Blackjack Farms Izetta Mormile 1:53.196


1. Patrobas

5yo stallion from Manor Park Stud, Career earnings: $4,254,622
Overall rating: Excellent(63) – Competitive

Stable comments: – “

2. Fridas Jeebus

5yo mare from DR Stables, Career earnings: $1,968,515
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Needs space

Stable comments: – “Fridas Jeebus like all the other horses in the race will be racing for second place. Probably will get top 5, since I don’t think 5 horses will enter the race. Patrobas from Manor Park is miles above any 5yo horse of any distance. The only question is how bad does Manor Park want to make the rest of us look.”

3. Nell Unexpected

5yo mare from Rawhide, Career earnings: $1,099,368
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “Never having managed to win in 15 attempts, expect the ‘Unexpected’ from Nell!”

4. Acca Dacca

5yo stallion from Raspadora Lodge, Career earnings: $740,950
Overall rating: Satisfactory(46) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – “

5. Lady Diva

5yo mare from Blackjack Farms, Career earnings: $2,265,140
Overall rating: Excellent(61) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “

6. Double Blind

5yo stallion from Blackjack Farms, Career earnings: $1,653,171
Overall rating: Admirable(55) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “Double Blind is looking to improve upon his last cup final. I think that he has a shot of top 3 with his current stats. His stablemate is unable to run due to poor planning on my part and has a fair bit of IP. All the hopes rest on Double Blind’s hooves for an exciting shot at dethroning the well decorated Patrobas. Hopefully this will be the muddy that could, and with the bit of rain hopefully a favorable ground for him as well.

7. Bungle Stated

5yo stallion from JM Racing, Career earnings: $317,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(50)

Stable comments: – “

8. Roxy Gekko Naughty

5yo mare from Rockstar Racing, Career earnings: $1,287,334
Overall rating: Reasonable(50) – Stalker

Stable comments: – “I’m hoping for Roxy Gekko Naughty to at least finish in the top 5. It would be hard to accomplish that with the ground being slow, but hopefully we’ll get there. Of course Patrobas is the horse to beat, if it can be beaten at all.”

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