The Lowe Cup – 23rd July 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse

The Great Match Race

The Little Engine vs. The Machine

We’re going to start out by saying how pathetic that we only have two horse who decided to show up for huge cup race this weekend. This week commentary is to talk about the challenges we face on Track King, and why should sponsors who generously pay their hard earn money continue sponsoring these wonderful cup each season for the community when people don’t show up in them or even try to challenge others stables out there.

This game is about taking on challenges, having competition, overcoming adversity, meeting people, and having fun and clean banter in the process. Not being afraid to face the opposition or taking on the tough challenges. Not being afraid to take on some of these elite stables. If the community don’t start to step up and support these sponsored world cups and show better participation in them, then their may come a day when a lot of these cups just fall by the wayside. I guess people won’t missed them until their gone, and then everyone can go back to chasing only the seven cups Track King ever created, three regionals and four world cups. So it’s time to wake up people, at least enter the races to show the sponsors you appreciate what they do for the game.

So back to the match race, someone decided to challenge Manor Parks Stud Patrobas, and its a good thing they did because if they didn’t the horse could have took a victory lap blind folded, hopping on one leg, while shitting at the same time. Respect for Blackjack Farms Double Blind, to take up the challenge. So here we go a match race, and depends if this is a very close race we all may be calling it the Great Match Race. The Little Engine vs. The Machine is the theme and we all know what that mean. One is the underdog and one is the overwhelming favorite. One don’t have the glitz and glamour, one is highly decorated. The Machine has never lost a race in his career and is 10 for 10 and is a 5 time world cup champion.

The Little Engine who really stand at a tall 19.1 hands, nothing little about that, but give up about 7 to 8 point in total overall rating. The only thing that will be working in his favor is the track condition which will be on a slow track and suit him just fine. But let’s face it, he also holds the title as the Epsom Derby champion. A win against The Machine will be his biggest ever if he can pull it off and plenty of bragging right to go along with it, and if that was to happen this race can go down as one for the ages.

One we may be able to call “The Great Match Race.”

*Late Entry – Blackjack Farm has decided to enter Double Blind entry mate Lady Diva into the race for a tag team match against Patrobas. Two heads or shall we say two horses can sometimes be better then one, but will this be the case, and will this strategy work against The Machine.

*Last Minute Entries – Al All-American, and by Blood Gunnar, thank you guys for entering, thank you for having the courage to compete, and thank you for supporting the sponsors and the game.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Patrobas Manor Park Stud Kathie Presutti 2:08.467
2 2 Double Blind Blackjack Farms Alfonso Dunfee 2:10.139
3 3 Lady Diva Blackjack Farms Sulema Ramires 2:10.916
4 4 Al All-American Dotties Stables Alyson Comans 2:11.302
5 5 By Blood Gunnar Racing Stripes Johna Bonham 2:11.630

1. Patrobas

5yo stallion from Manor Park Stud, Career earnings: $3,744,622
Overall rating: Excellent(64) – Competitive


2. Double Blind

5yo stallion from Blackjack Farms, Career earnings: $1,283,211
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Mud-lark


3. Lady Diva

5yo mare from Blackjack Farms, Career earnings: $1,889,900
Overall rating: Excellent(63) – Fast finishe


4. Al All-American

5yo stallion from Dotties Stables, Career earnings: $803,250
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Natural champion


5. By Blood Gunnar

5yo mare from Racing Stripes, Career earnings: $836,751
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Natural champion


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