The Lowe Cup – 23rd April 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse




Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Relaunch Angel’s Flight Clara Colla 2:05.432
2 9 Goodtime Brodskys Stars Nelly Wielgus 2:06.427
3 3 Gigantor Angel’s Flight Louie Willars 2:06.668
4 5 Marrakech Riddley Walker Racin Antoinette Basilone 2:06.945
5 2 Voodoo Child Bristol Turks Melda Pratten 2:06.954


1. Relaunch

5yo stallion from Angel’s Flight, Career earnings: $4,466,900
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Competitive

Comments: Triple Crown winner Relaunch has blotted his copy book with two below par runs in the mud. He is back over more suitable ground and the threat of losing his “crown jewels”might see this Champion return to winning ways.

2. Voodoo Child

5yo stallion from Bristol Turks, Career earnings: $2,001,322
Overall rating: Admirable(56) – Natural champion

Comments: Voodoo Child is a class act, and would not be a surprise winner.

3. Gigantor

5yo stallion from Angel’s Flight, Career earnings: $991,224
Overall rating: Admirable(59) – Natural champion

Comments: The second stringer from the Angel’s Flight stable Gigantor has limited experience in this company, but should give a very good account of himself here. He could easily earn in this field.

4. Under It Me Luv

5yo stallion from Dopey Donkeys Digs, Career earnings: $530,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(50) – Natural champion

Comments: Under It Me Luv has been thereabouts in races. He raced on Sunday and might battle here.

5. Marrakech

5yo mare from Riddley Walker Racin, Career earnings: $847,675
Overall rating: Excellent(61) – Needs space

Comments: Marrakech is the highest rated horse in the race, she is improving all the time, and should earn.

6. Mongo Newman

5yo mare from Diet Coke Horses, Career earnings: $1,149,611
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Fast finisher

Comments: Mongo Newman with the apprentice up, will enjoy the day out.

7. Born To Run

5yo stallion from Ty Callie Stables, Career earnings: $374,400
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Mud-lark

Comments: Born To Run, the 5yo stallion from the Ty Callie Stables is still a maiden after three runs, he might battle to place over this ground and in this company.

8. Yesterdays Blues

5yo mare from bluenaggers, Career earnings: $710,200
Overall rating: Reasonable(50) – Natural champion

Comments: Yesterdays Blues has good form in lesser company, place prospects at best.

9. Goodtime

5yo mare from Brodskys Stars, Career earnings: $632,350
Overall rating: Excellent(60) – Fast finisher

Comments: The roan mare Goodtime faces her biggest test to date, fitness might be an issue as she attempts to stake her career peak claim.

10. Twinkie WazUp

5yo mare from NZ Thorobreds, Career earnings: $1,095,482
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Fast finisher

Comments: Amparo Bram rides Twinkie WazUp, who has been campaigning in strong company at her last few starts, without being disgraced.

11. Lisco Fuel

5yo stallion from O Buadhaigh, Career earnings: $572,510
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Natural champion

Comments: Lisco Fuel has drawn gate#11 and will need some luck to feature here.

12. Khaleesi

5yo mare from Sparks Inc, Career earnings: $352,426
Overall rating: Admirable(58)

Comments: Sparks Inc. sends their lightly raced 5yo mare Khaleesi to the track, fitness levels a issue after racing on Sunday.

13. Bits Matthew

5yo stallion from Orange Hills, Career earnings: $1,014,399
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Mud-lark

Comments: Bits Matthew finished a career best 4th in the Cox Plate end of last season over favorable ground. Can he overcome the odds against him, jumping from the car park and ground predicted to be on the good side? Time will tell.

14. Grand Prince

5yo stallion from Durbridge, Career earnings: $751,362
Overall rating: Admirable(56) – Competitive

Comments: Grand Prince has decent form, jumping from gate#15 won’t help his cause, he might place at best.

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