The Fast And Furious – 26th March 2016 – London Bridge Racecourse




Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 5 Melins Dopey Donkeys Digs Leo Kroell 1:04.610
2 4 Addie Over Cambo crowsrock Alycia Aupperle 1:05.000
3 2 Min Sofa Manor Park Stud Michelle Llarenas 1:05.042
4 7 Chase The Ace Blackjack Farms Sulema Ramires 1:05.071
5 9 The Godfather The Farmhouse Stud Yuki Haldane 1:05.086

The Fast and Furious will be one of the most exciting races going this weekend. The field is top notch quality with quite of few horses having a real chance to be crowned Mr. or Ms. Fast and Furious.

Let’s take a look at this magnificent line-up!

1. Godzilla

10yo stallion from Troublemaker’s, Career earnings: $9,654,688
Overall rating: Spectacular(87) – Competitive

Comments: Godzilla has been the big monster in Troublemakers’s barn for 9 seasons now and this will be his last dance to go out with another world cup. Can the giant pull off another big cup win?

2. Min Sofa

9yo mare from Manor Park Stud, Career earnings: $11,310,894
Overall rating: Spectacular(85) – Competitive

Comments: 9 world cups and a SS and counting. With another season to go the bay mare will be looking to add to her legendary career. Imagine that, she still got work to do before she enter into the hall.

3. Lord Snowdon

9yo stallion from woodchuckers, Career earnings: $9,600,749
Overall rating: Marvelous(80) – Early sprinter

Comments: Lord Snowdon an 9yo early sprinter who has been battling the top notch sprinters for a while is more than capable of bringing home the crown. Getting out the gate early will be key if he want to turn over that leg in his favor.

4. Addie Over Cambo

9yo mare from crowsrock, Career earnings: $6,193,747
Overall rating: Majestic(84) – Fast finisher

Comments: Addie Over Cambo a fast finisher who always seem to be somewhere in the hunt in her races. She will looking for a scorching pace where she can just stalk until its time to strike.

5. Melins

10yo stallion from Dopey Donkeys Digs, Career earnings: $7,653,330
Overall rating: Marvelous(82) – Fast finisher

Comments: Can Merlin repeat his heat race? The competition will be shaking in there boots if owner Noddy can somehow get him to repeat that heat run, very impressive indeed.

6. Canus Sharif

8yo stallion from Speed Breed, Career earnings: $3,378,656
Overall rating: Marvelous(78) – Fast finisher

Comments: Only 8yo this horse can only continue to get better and improve facing this quality of competition. Just another fast finisher horse not to sleep on.

7. Chase The Ace

8yo stallion from Blackjack Farms, Career earnings: $7,050,639
Overall rating: Majestic(83) – Early sprinter

Comments: Chase The Ace is another 8yo stallion who still got time to earn some more hardware in the future. The early sprinter has been running very well of late and will be looking to get a piece of the top prize money.

8. Homer Rules

8yo stallion from RCS Locos, Career earnings: $5,707,883
Overall rating: Marvelous(78) – Competitive

Comments: Homer Rules an 8yo who is still coming into his own as he continue to grow. The competitive will try to size up against this field to see what he can do and where he stand at the moment.

9. The Godfather

10yo stallion from The Farmhouse Stud, Career earnings: $5,364,020
Overall rating: Spectacular(89) – Stalker

Comments: The Godfather is the big 89 OR stalker in the race that if he can find his footing and lay off the blazing pace he will be flying very fast at the wire. A 2 time champion who is very qualified to go out on top.

10. Maree’s Ippon

10yo mare from Sycamore, Career earnings: $4,204,627
Overall rating: Majestic(82) – Fast finisher

Comments: Maree’s Ippon the Princess Tiara and SS cup winner will like to show the boys and gals she is a bonafide champion. Another fast finisher who can be dangerous if in the right position down the stretch.

12. Regal Mark Fishy

9yo gelding from The Judda Yard, Career earnings: $3,862,337
Overall rating: Majestic(81)

Comments: Regal Mark Fishy and unstyle horse who will have to be crafty facing a tough field of styled horses, but stranger things has happen before.

13. Barnestormer

9yo stallion from White Star, Career earnings: $5,898,026
Overall rating: Tremendous(77) – Breakaway

Comments: Barnestormer the lone breakaway in the race will be looking to improve and test his metal against stiffer competition.

14. Augustus Approval

10yo mare from ghanainternational, Career earnings: $8,826,000
Overall rating: Spectacular(85) – Early sprinter

Comments: Augustus Approval have not been running very well of late, the 10yo mare seem like she ran her best leg in the short distance.

15. Sunbriar Sharpe

10yo stallion from Dark Times, Career earnings: $8,608,778
Overall rating: Majestic(81) – Competitive

Comments: Sunbriar Sharpe is a horse that seem to not been able to find his best over his career. Solid earnings to only have 5 wins in his 10yo career.

16. Skunk Cutest

4yo stallion from Felipe, Career earnings: $410,000
Overall rating: Moderate(34)

Comments: I really think this horse took a wrong detour, he don’t belong in this race, just giving away free money.

17. Drummer Gamblin

9yo mare from Wild Hawk Racing, Career earnings: $2,871,355
Overall rating: Marvelous(77) – Competitive

Comments: Drummer Gamlin a 9yo got a another season to go to grow some more this race will be very challenging for her to get any of the top prize money.

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  1. Wraslar

    Nice work ? one thing I would add about my horse (Sunbriar) … One of his pitiful 5 wins was beating Godzilla to the latest SS. … I doubt he’ll repeat the feat but…..

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