Franky Four Fingers best bets for the weekend -27 February 2016

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My name is Franky Four Fingers, and I have been a bookie for over 25 years and have seen it all. Let me tell you something, if you want to make a lot of scharole just do what I tell ya “capeesh”

Now this guy who calls himself the Ringer, look like a fellow who can’t even pick his own nose. Let Four Fingers give you the real winners and show you who got the big balls around here.


You guys might think I’m nuts, but don’t bet on those chalks in this race, this pick is my “middle finger special today”

The Platinum Plate – Sydney Harbour Racecourse – off time 03h48

Top pick: Sturt Wall – Stable JK – Antoine Maruca

Longshot: Jellybean – Fernbank Park – Jacqui Bellantone

Race link

Yeah, yeah I know what you thinking, I’m picking against that guy who win cups all the time but guess what? I had a dream last night and in my dreams I had five fingers instead of four, so that mean horse #5 will win

The So You Think Cup – Sydney Harbour Racecourse – off time 03h57

Top pick: Orfevre – Karaka Breeders – Jody Schulenberg

Longshot: Lady Diva – Blackjack Farms – Alfonso Dunfee

Race link

It’s nothing like making lots of money off a Happy Hooker, “right boys”

The Princess Tiara – Rocky Mountain Ridge Racecourse – off time 18h08

Top bet: Happy Hooker – Dr Stables – Reta Derrah

Longshot: Flying Kaori – flying spurs – Karine Negbenebor

Race link

Everybody is going to be placing there money on that chalk Seething Rain, but not me, I am going to give you my four fingers, up high in the air, “Pick Of The Week”

The American Cup – Rocky Mountain Ridge Racecourse – off time 18h12

Top bet: Sphinx – Riddley Walker Racing – Mia Pop

Longshot: Hilikus Coop – Manor Park Stud – Penelope Stucke

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6 thoughts on “Franky Four Fingers best bets for the weekend -27 February 2016

    1. Franky Four Fingers Post author

      Hey buddy, if you want to make some real money stop being a little pansy and stick with four fingers, trust me on this one, its a good bet!

      1. Crazy

        Damn really wish I listened and put money on Sturt Wall, what a great bet, has it actually finished the race yet or is it still running? Secret Phantom was never losing that race!

        1. Franky Four Fingers Post author

          Even the sun shines on a dog ass every now and then my friend, but hey here me out. Its about making money and if you payed close attention my longshot pick finish 2nd and made me a lot of money today. So you need to look at the overall picture my friend.

          Oh and by the way, Four Fingers didn’t lose this race today my friend, if you want to blame someone, how about blaming that schmuck owner who forgot to give his jockey and horse racing instructions running in a big race today “CAPEESH”
          You know, if I had the chance to get a hold of them I would chop one of there fingers off!

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