The 4yo Long Breeder Cup – 18th August 2018

4yo Breeders’ Cup Long

Light Weight Stables travels from Leeds Scenic with Sunlight, who is still a maiden. She ran just off them in the heat and with improvement could feature from the two draw.

The Dixon Racing and Reyes Firkey team started this season on a high when Empress Club won the Epsom Derby Stakes three weeks ago, and they come to the party with the Secret Legacy colt Wolf Power, and he should be right there when the whips are cracking.

The exciting Big Bad Headhoncho bay Big Bad Executive has always been highly regarded and has been kept in cotton wool. If allowed to run very freely, he could come up trumps.

Northern Princess may struggle in this company, but will learn from the experience. She is a solid four year old who can stay on for a place cheque if things go her way. Myda Cambo Swale ran in the Sunday heat and is difficult to assess.

Ezulwini’s Pink Alien stallion Out Of Time gets the services of Shani Berdine. Ezulwini, one of the best judges of a horse in the game, would not have taken his chances if he didn’t feel he could compete.

Air Horse One has come good winning her last two starts and could be ready to confirm the promise she showed as a two year old.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 (scratched) N/A
2 11,4,6,5,4 Sunlight light weight Earnest Schellin N/A
3 9,1,3,1,1 Wolf Power Dixon Racing Reyes Firkey N/A
4 5,7,6,3 Big Bad Executive Burgersfortheboyz Lissette Roop N/A
5 3,6,3,2,3 Myda Cambo Swale Ye Olde Nackerede !Julianna Charania! N/A
6 3,8,3,1,2 Northerns Princess Northern Light Acres Paulina Waltzer N/A
7 (scratched) N/A
8 1,5,3,1,2 Out Of Time Ezulwini !Shani Berdine! N/A
9 5,5,3,1,1 Air Horse One Pugstable Trevor Carmody N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Dixon Racing – “Wolf Power came through his heat comfortably and should give a good account of himself. I feel a few held back in the heats and we may well see a few tough challengers in the final and with the ground unsuitable to everyone, an upset is a very real possibility”

Northern Light Acres – “A top 3 finish for Princess in the race would be amazing for Northern Light Acres. She’s the best foal we’ve bred to date and want to give her every opportunity to compete with the best. I think Wolf Power is the one to beat.”

Pugstable – “Slow to heavy track and not a muddy in sight. Small field with a lot of chances. I am tipping the usual champion stables to be very competitive again. Dixon’s Wolf Power, Big Bad Burgers Big Bad Executive horse, Sunlight from light weight and Out of Time from Ezulwini the hardest to beat. Good luck to all.”

Ezulwini – “Unfortunately I’ve had to change jockeys because the two final races on this card are so close together. Out of Time hasn’t delivered anything notable in a final yet, and there’s no reason anything should be different this time around…”

Ye Olde Nackerede – “It looks like it will be a very good race to watch, just looking at the current entrants shows some strong runners and there may yet be one or two more to enter. I think that Wolf Power and Out of Time will be battling it out at the finish line with a cluster fighting for the 3rd place finish. as it is a little bit longer than the qualifier was I think it may open things up for some of the slower qualifying runners, hopefully I will be one of those but, personally speaking, we are in the mix as a test against the best, see how we fair, if can make it into the top 5 then that will be a bonus but essentially I am just happy to be racing against some very good stables. With a trophy at stake I am sure everyone involved will be giving it all they have, I am looking forward to watching it and wish everyone good luck.”

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