The Great Sphinx Cup – 24th March 2018

Great Sphinx

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 3,5,2,2,5 London Calling Bristol Turks Kimberlee Hubbs N/A
2 5,3,6,4,1 Goldmark Dixon Racing Jody Schulenberg N/A
3 8,4 Miranda Starz woodchuckers Britt Hangartner N/A
4 2,2,1 Ps Super Smoke Priceless Speedsters !Karrot Karrier! N/A
5 1,1,3,3 Stardom Bound Angel’s Flight Winnie Ohs N/A
6 3,1,4,2,7 Smooth Finish Makers Mark SIV !Kathyrn Bonito! N/A
7 2,2,3 Dante’s Warung rafindale Everette Waas N/A
8 3,5,2,4,2 Fear The Dragon DR Stables !Numbers Prashad! N/A
9 1,2 Courage Under Fire Tazdevil Kenna Busch N/A
10 4 Torba BODRUMLUCK Todd Shiller N/A
11 11,9,4,8,1 Cadillac Hellz RUMP STEAK RACING Eleanore Pasho N/A
12 14,6,5,13,1 Parma Westmare KILL BILL Cristine Braughton N/A
13 8,6,10,4,8 Tink Stylen Chingford Stable Ilse Bali N/A
14 3,3,6,1,5 Frantic Babieca Riffendal Stable Wilhemina Lobach N/A


Pre-race comments from:

Angel’s Flight– “This has to be pound for pound one of the best Sphinx fields assembled. Some of the best trainers in the game came out to play and I love it. Their is a least 6 to 7 horse who have a chance to capture the gold plate. Stardom Bound is ready to go and the wheels will definitely be turning in this wonderful soiree. Good Luck to all!”

Tazdevil – “Courage Under Fire is maybe after the wide draw unable to win the Sphinx, might need some creative thinking to just run top three. Has pulled up well after the race so we go in with top 5 hope.

Top hopes:

Ped the master with Goldmark;
Ps Super Smoke trained to the minute for this;
Stardom Bound master Sphinx winner Angel;
Fear The Dragon always there in big races;
Torba if good ground surprise packet.”

Bristol Turks – “I’m not sure what to expect in this race from my horse, London Calling. She is not exactly a short distance horse, entered in Breeders Cup short earlier in the season to have something to do but she ended as runner up so she’s now entering the Sphinx.
The field looks very competitive and pretty much any one of 6 or 7 can win this. London is behind in XP against all but one of the runners so I’m not expecting much, a finish in the money would be most welcome.”

Makers Mark SIV – “This is a nice group of evenly matched 3 year old short horses. Garie’s(Priceless Speedsters) Early Sprinter might have a slight advantage but it is anyone’s race.”

woodchucker – “What a awesome final very deep for depth making top 5 looks a task and that how it should be. I am just rapt to be running my little gal is giving up overall rating experience but has heart. I suspect Goldmark a new buy by pedantic can win looked super impressive. So did WR breaker and priceless runner Ps Super Smoke sizzling in the heat. Multiple sphinx winner Angel Flight again a true contender a awesome record and a dead set chance for another Sphinx. Add supercharged Torba by cahit his record of late first class turns out winning chances, gee the race already looks real tough. But there is more champion stables DR Stables, Bristol Turks and Rafindale all proven all winners. Up and comers Mark he showing plenty in all types of racing and my mate Taz the devil may come out and his courage under fire may blow us all away. So good luck to all we will all need it no matter what direction we look we see real talent bloody awesome.”

BODRUMLUCK – “I believe Torba has every chance to win this Cup. Ps Super Smoke and Courage Under Fire are the ones to beat. Late entry, high draw, is not helping our cause but I reckon Torba will give them a good run for their money.”

DR Stables – “Fear The Dragon will be hard pressed to finish top 5. Hoping a jockey change will improve his late kick, Contenders for the win is Ps Super Smoke from Priceless Speedsters and Goldmark from Dixon Racing. Good luck to all.”

Chingford Stable – “Think Stylen would need to vastly improve to be even a top five chance, others make more appeal. already run our final.”

Priceless Speedsters – “Well if the final is anything like the heats we are in for an outstanding race. Smoke displayed WR time and it was needed for the fast heat and Goldmark won heat 2 in WR time. So this is going to be fun, fantastic group of experienced trainers and up and coming new blood like Taz Courage Under Fire. Proven vs Hungry you pick but I aim for top 3. Let’s go Smoke. Good luck to everyone.”

Riffendal Stable – “Frantic Babieca doesn’t quite have the experience of the rest of the field but ran well nonetheless in the heats with a bit to spare. Hopefully he can repeat that effort and sneak into the top 5.”

Dixon Racing – “A powerful lineup in this season’s Sphinx and in all honesty, I have no idea how good (or bad) Goldmark is. Ps Super Smoke was super impressive in the heats and will be tough to catch and ‘Mr Sphinx’ Stardom Bound is likely to put in a much improved performance in the final. Tazdevil’s Courage Under Fire may well be the dark horse after a solid heat but really, this race could go to just about anyone in the field. Thanks to the Sponsors! “

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