The Up & Coming Sprintstar – 27th January 2018

Up & Coming Sprintstar

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 1,1,3,5,1 Black Sabbath Bristol Turks Versie Lauenroth N/A
2 1,1,1,1,1 Heathens Allison Racing Santana Larke N/A
3 1,5,1,3,4 Nacho Diram Rainbo Snowey’s Champs !Tyesha Sparrow! N/A
4 2,3,4,1,3 Euphoria RCS Locos !Angie Irvin! N/A
5 1,1,6,3,2 Lucy In The Sky Hareeba Willow Williams N/A
6 2,5,1,1,3 Kattegat New Scotland Yard Delfina Develbiss N/A
7 5,6,1,4,2 Kralice Yorulmaz Nedra Ziglar N/A
8 1,1,1,13,3 Out Music Northern Light Acres Kattie Charpia N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Bristol Turks– “Black Sabbath ran a good heat at the weekend. I’ve been struggling to match him up with a jockey that can get the best out of him in the past. But he seemed to be a bit more relaxed with Versie so hopefully this will result in a good run in the final.
I don’t fancy Sabbath’s chances for a win but a good place is the target here.” 

Hareeba – “Have always wanted to win the Sprintstar but think I’ll be running a place again. Closest effort was with an unpredictable styled horse awhile back who was overrun in the last quarter by a handy fast finisher from Tomac’s stable. This time the one to beat will be from Allison Racing stables. Will be happy to challenge with my stable apprentice turned pro jock Williams. My muddie Lucy will be thereabouts.”

Northern Light Acres – “Out Music doesn’t have alot of XP on a slow track and she’s up against a lot of Mudlark styled horses, but she’s one of our best sprinters so we wanted to at least try. A top 5 finish would be great for our stable.”

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