The Australian Cup – 26th August 2017

Australian Cup

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 6,8,3,3,3 Addie Over Woody Addictive Racing Dolly Wippert N/A
2 1,1,4,5,1 Haymaking Woogle Wood Willy Vlautin N/A
3 1,2,1,4,2 Stimpack win the day Ayanna Barich N/A
4 5,6,3,2 Splendor stable BURNER Felisha Allamong N/A
5 4,1,1,4,1 Godfather’s Bullet Hands Above Natisha Inabinett N/A
6 1 White Gold White Star Nancie Mailloux N/A
7 2,1,1 Dante’s A Champion rafindale Jenelle Ohs N/A

Pre-race comments from:

win the day – “Stimpack should be rested since the horse trotted in the heat race. Stimpacks got a shot…”

stable BURNER – “GB is way outclassed with Haymaking and White Gold in the field. With the jockey change on Splendor I know I am being overly optimistic hoping for 4th place.

Now that D’s Champ. is in the race, I am hoping Godfather’s Bullet comes in fifth.”

White Star – “This will be a tight race, having 3 Competitives, a Fast Finisher and a Stalker in the race will make it difficult. White Gold had its first start in the heats and ran better than I had expected, and with little experience at the distance wasn’t expecting it to go so well. Now if the jockey rides it well, I hope to hold off Addie Over Woody and Haymaking to get a win, with Stimpack coming home strongly, it will be close.”

Woogle Wood – “Not sure what to make of Haymaking’s chances, and I’m still figuring him out. Sub-par in the Lowe Guineas, before that he had broken the record for his age over 1800m dead. On the plus side for this final, he is reunited with his favourite jockey Willy Vlautin, should like the ground, and gave me a few decent clues in the heat. On the down side is his unbroken temperament – he’s nuts. Fingers crossed this is one of his good days.”

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