The Jewel Of the Mile – 24th June 2017

Jewel Of The Mile

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 3,4,1,1,5 Hotblood Seahorse Racing Corina Basley N/A
2 1,1,1,6,3 Jacintaflyer flying spurs Candance Herschaft N/A
3 1,6,2,1,6 !Beep Beep! Troublemaker’s !Tyesha Sparrow! N/A
4 3,2,2 Addie Over Angel Addictive Racing Kendall Gordley N/A
5 1,6,2,7,5 Kozma RCS Locos Frankie Rodier N/A
6 2,1,2,5,8 I And I Jem Enterprises Claudie Puffinburger N/A
7 (scratched) N/A
8 8,2,3,7,4 Dressage Nate’s Whispering Death Charity Rarey N/A
9 9,4,11,2,7 Gasping racingstable Pearline Kreiter N/A
10 1,3,3,1,2 Midnight Fire Alracing Johnny Ruvalcava N/A
11 6,4,1,5,1 Jaguar ghanainternational Cleotilde Flaming N/A

Pre-race comments from:

ghanainternational – “All the horse’s in this years race have a chance to win it. Jaguar is in good health and has as good a chance as any horse to win the race.”

Whispering Death – “An erratic and confusing horse! Anything could happen.”

Alracing – “Jaguar beat me in the preliminary race and the other qualifier the winner has a good time (132.008) my chances? I gave 20% to win, 30% place and 50% to show.”

Seahorse Racing – “We got a good starting gate, that’s always the first important step for milers. Unfortunately the weather forecast doesn’t look too good, or in fact that’s exactly what it looks like. With our training and planning in mind we were hoping for a warm and dry track, but after some really hot weather the track looks destined to become even hotter, drier, faster than planned. On the other hand that means we’ll see a big group of horses starting on equal terms xp wise. Good for the spectators, right? So let’s give them a show! Good luck to all runners.”

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