The Fast ‘n Furious – 25th March 2017

Fast ‘n Furious

Multiple cup winner Sos Venezuela is in hot form and looks ready to make a big bid to score his third world cup. Apollo Kingz is a horse that hardly knows how to run a poor race. The son of Philip Fry, I’ve Soiled Myself will also relish the underfoot conditions and must be included in all permutations. Samart Jester is fancied to run a good race, and with the talented Shanta Trautman up, looks ready to win again.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 1,4,1,1,1 Sos Venezuela Troublemaker’s Dannie Nastasia N/A
2 1,1,1,1,1 Apollo Kingz woodchuckers Scotty Schronce N/A
3 2,7,3,3,6 !Sateen Virgin! Sootie Bambi Richemond N/A
4 3,1,1,1,2 I’ve Soiled Myself Reds Breeding Stud Maricruz Cooperider N/A
5 1,1,1,1,3 Circles Jameel SOFIA SPEED HORSE Nedra Ziglar N/A
6 2,1,1,1,3 Shot Burrito Dawg’s Ranch Maryland Landmesser N/A
7 2,5,1,1,6 Just Marvelous djs stable Shantell Ingebretsen N/A
8 2,6,1,1,8 Icecube Mailand Chingford Stable Thelma Lapuz N/A
9 1,1,1,2,2 Samart Jester RCS Locos !Shanta Trautman! N/A
10 3,1,1,3,4 Mohair Holiday Gray Dog Stables Tish Grainey N/A
11 1,3,2,1,5 Shebabe Gaspers Jaime Radley N/A


1. Sos Venezuela

8yo stallion from Troublemaker’s, Career earnings: $5,043,360
Overall rating: Majestic(80) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 3rd Jul 2015, bred by Troublemaker’s
Lineage:By Godzilla out of Scorchlight

Stable comments: – “

2. Apollo Kingz

8yo stallion from woodchuckers, Career earnings: $9,557,556
Overall rating: Marvelous(79) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 3rd Jul 2015, bred by FRAMPTON
Lineage:By Sheergar Peanut out of Hates Manic

Stable comments: – “All these sprint finals can come down to a start and this one is no different. If Apollo has a good start he will be in the mix. Red Breeding buy I’ve Soiled Myself has history on it side given the times it produced. The danger is Sos Venezuela who won over the shorter 900m in his heat.”

3. Sateen Virgin

9yo stallion from Sootie, Career earnings: $1,713,767
Overall rating: Marvelous(79) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 3rd Apr 2015, bred by The Old Barn
Lineage:By Blueman Sebor out of Myheart Lantana

Stable comments: – “

4. I’ve Soiled Myself

10yo stallion from Reds Breeding Stud, Career earnings: $7,769,903
Overall rating: Majestic(84) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 2nd Jan 2015, bred by Team Monkfish
Lineage:By Philip Fry out of Aspetta Ouija

Stable comments: – “I picked up Soiled Myself for his immense breeding potential but still wanted to give him his shot at a world title, myself, the horse and the jockey are all completely new to each other though, so to win against such high calibre opposition in those circumstances is a big ask. With that said I am still pretty confident of him having a good showing before he retires to the paddock”

5. Circles Jameel

8yo stallion from SOFIA SPEED HORSE, Career earnings: $4,085,150
Overall rating: Grand(67) – Stalker
Born:Fri 3rd Jul 2015, bred by Woogle Wood

Stable comments: – “

6. Shot Burrito

9yo gelding from Dawg’s Ranch, Career earnings: $5,898,948
Overall rating: Marvelous(78) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 3rd Apr 2015, bred by Reds Breeding Stud
Lineage:By Alpha Prince out of Zeke Game Mufasa

Stable comments: – “

7. Just Marvelous

10yo stallion from djs stable, Career earnings: $7,441,394
Overall rating: Grand(67) – Breakaway
Born:Fri 2nd Jan 2015, bred by Prancing Winners
Lineage:By Mudskipper Rex out of Exhibition

Stable comments: – “Will be near the rear of this field. Expect “Apollo King” and “Sos Venezuela” to be the hardest to beat.”

8. Icecube Mailand

9yo mare from Chingford Stable, Career earnings: $4,633,417
Overall rating: Tremendous(70) – Early sprinter
Born:Fri 3rd Apr 2015, bred by Karaka Breeders
Lineage:By Grey Ghost out of Imagine Dragons

Stable comments: – “Will be lucky if I don’t finish last in this hot field. Good luck to all the other runners in the race.”

9. Samart Jester

8yo mare from RCS Locos, Career earnings: $5,830,412
Overall rating: Marvelous(77) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 3rd Jul 2015, bred by Slo Mo Stables

Stable comments: – “This race is pretty open and Samart Jester definitely has a chance. I’m glad to have Trautman back riding in the final. My only concern is the wide gate.”

10. Mohair Holiday

10yo mare from Gray Dog Stables, Career earnings: $7,601,067
Overall rating: Marvelous(77) – Fast finisher
Born:Fri 2nd Jan 2015, bred by Gray Dog Stables
Lineage:By Wild Fishbrain out of Both Tete

Stable comments: – “Mohair was the stables first horse that had a legitimate shot of winning a world cup and after a tough second in a sprinters shield this will be her final attempt to bring one home. She is up against some incredibly tough competition and the weather is going the wrong way with a field full of mudlarks.”

11. Shebabe

10yo mare from Gaspers, Career earnings: $6,262,182
Overall rating: Grand(68) – Mud-lark
Born:Sat 24th Jan 2015, bred by Sin666
Lineage:By Idea Yesterday out of Words Bio

Stable comments: – “I just wanted to give Shebabe one more race against the big boys before retirement, you never know unless you try, good luck all.”

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