The Best Pull Ever – 23rd July 2016 – London Bridge Racecourse


The Best Pull Ever Cup

Drop The Pilot Today

Full marks to the sponsor of this race, for coming up with this cup idea.

Some of our best yearling pulls will line up at the 1700m marker at London Bridge Racecourse on Saturday for a bruising battle that will sort the men from the boys – and maybe the girl – as well as the talkers from the doers. It is a race where luck will count – but raw guts, heart and ability will always mean just that much more.

The race that has had us all speculating and calculating and dreaming for months is finally upon us.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Pull The Trigger Woogle Wood Lupe Smouse(A) 1:46.682
2 4 Not So Good Pull Windy Hill Dick Cheeseman(A) 1:48.146
3 9 Gourmet Load Smogville Trinh Macculloch(A) 1:48.671
4 3 Thataz Sinthville Vonnie Mccarty(A) 1:48.700
5 7 Ussr Williams Spennymoor Stud Chelsea Cuthrell(A) 1:49.049


1. Pull The Trigger

2yo filly from Woogle Wood, Career earnings: $106,000
Overall rating: Ordinary(21)

Stable comments: – “Pull The Trigger would have a fair chance if the race was a week on Saturday; the obvious issue being how healthy I can get her after a Sunday heat win. My apprentice, Lupe Smouse is decent. If the horse was riding the apprentice, I might have a shot (!)”

2. Faulty Basic

2yo colt from Fire Stud Farms, Career earnings: $26,500
Overall rating: Underdone(15)

Stable comments: – “The colt did pretty good. I have made a mistake of not putting enough vets on him so I do not know if he has a chance or not. I have some on him now but do not know if it is enough to make a difference. since the race is Saturday he might be in the money but it will be my fault if he is not. I was surprised at his first trip out. All I can do now is pray  🙂 ”

3. Thataz

2yo filly from Sinthville, Career earnings: $26,500
Overall rating: Average(26)

Stable comments: – “I wouldn’t want to meet Thataz in a dark alley, tall, strong, pretty scary. On the track though I doubt there is much to fear. Yes she has a chance but come on the trainer could lose a 1 horse race. Jockey has worked through his hangover so should be fit. It should be a competitive race.”

4. Not So Good Pull

2yo filly from Windy Hill, Career earnings: $100,000
Overall rating: Underdone(19)

Stable comments: – “It should be a pretty tight race with plenty of relatively high OR qualifiers. Unfortunately, mine isn’t one of them, and I don’t think my, about to turn pro, jockey will be enough to make up the difference.”

5. Zeppia Sauce

2yo gelding from Polenov, Career earnings: $94,000
Overall rating: Ordinary(23)

Stable comments: – “First of all, I really like the concept of Best Pull Ever, as almost anyone can win that cup. I think the most I could have expected was this qualification win, as my apprentice doesn’t have good track experience. So I´m happy I could participate and have fun, and I don´t expect me to win. Of course, placing would be nice.”

6. Rub’n Tug Services

2yo colt from zephyr racing stable, Career earnings: $53,000
Overall rating: Ordinary(23)

Stable comments: – “Rub’n Tug Services pulled using the yearling scout network. Horse I believe is one of the main chances although Hilde Birley will not be amongst the top 5-6 jockeys in the race. The drop back in distance should suit, jockey will most likely try and take lead and dictate a fast pace.”

7. Ussr Williams

2yo filly from Spennymoor Stud, Career earnings: $49,000
Overall rating: Underdone(19)

Stable comments: – “It came as a big shock to the stable to see USSR Williams bolt up in second place. In fact she was nearly withdrawn from the race and given away. Anyhow as luck would have it she put in an impressive performance to come second. She has returned from the semi-final in very poor condition though, and it’s now a race against time to try and get her fit. I think our chances of winning are very slim, and or best hope is possibly a place although I think that is probably beyond our reach. I think Gourmet Load is the one to beat in the final who won our heat.
Good luck to all in the final”

8. Nealan Cippy Flyte

2yo colt from Takoradi, Career earnings: $24,500
Overall rating: Underdone(18)

Stable comments: – “My horse doesn’t have too much going for it and has only had a 4hr SS work. Race is also a bit too early in my apprentices career although mid is his best at present. Hoping they place top half.”

9. Gourmet Load

2yo filly from Smogville, Career earnings: $98,000
Overall rating: Underdone(16)

Stable comments: – “Gourmet Load. Has the XP in the right places and reasonably well balanced stats. Behind the monsters in OR but only by a few points, nothing to worry about. Racing on Sunday is though, despite winning the heat I feel my chances may be hampered by fitness and IP come the final. Still hoping for a top 5 finish and continue to dream of picking up this trophy one day.”

10. Tamer Mira’s

2yo filly from Talisman’s Titans, Career earnings: $50,000
Overall rating: Average(26) – Needs space

Stable comments: – “This is a fun cup I have a decent horse but very inexperienced apprentice. It will all depend on horses recovery but there are some very good apprentices and I expect the winners to come from those jockeys.”

11. Exclusions Bailout

2yo colt from OneTribe, Career earnings: $26,500
Overall rating: Underdone(19)

Stable comments: – “

12. Hawks Leprechaun

2yo colt from Hawk Downs, Career earnings: $106,000
Overall rating: Ordinary(21)

Stable comments: – “16th was a great result for my Hawks Leprechaun, dead heating with Barcarolle’s Makasi Srawberry. In all honesty I was absolutely certain that I may have grabbed 2nd place, but 1st was kind of amazing. I am looking forward to this Saturdays final and if I can get Hawks Leprechaun fit. Then I feel I have a good chance of 3rd to 5th but I do not see me winning the final. The two I fancy to fight out first and second are No1 Woogle Wood’s Pull The Trigger and Smogville’s Gourmet Load. The latter put up a really good time over 1800m, while I feel the former, even though it ran over a sprint, I just think Pull The Trigger has more to offer over 1700m.”

13. Makasi Srawberry

2yo filly from Barcarolle, Career earnings: $53,000
Overall rating: Ordinary(21)

Stable comments: – “Running dead heat in the heat gives me confidence of a forward run in the final, although the Jockey Jack Ford lacks the necessary experience to give me a confident push at this distance I am still hopeful of a good result. Looks to be an even field and hard to assess who the main dangers are at this stage, could be 10 really good chances just looking at the early nominations on Monday. I think this race might be determined by racing instructions than what the official ratings suggest 🙂 ”

14. Artois Iron

2yo filly from Windmill Racing, Career earnings: $49,000
Overall rating: Ordinary(24) – Competitive

Stable comments: – “I love this cup and have raced every season since its inception but the week 1 pull, the jockey being in his final season and the final distance need to all drop right. This time I have the horse but not the jockey so a win is a tall order I’ll take a top 5.”

15. Trot Laughing

2yo colt from Clearwater Stables, Career earnings: $25,000
Overall rating: Underdone(18)

Stable comments: – “

16. Chalk Kikka

2yo colt from Priory Park, Career earnings: $26,500
Overall rating: Ordinary(20)

Stable comments: – “Has the body stats to be in the mix, Jockey – weakest link, maybe next year haha”

17. Creek Bhavani

2yo colt from WWE STUD, Career earnings: $23,500
Overall rating: Ordinary(20)

Stable comments: – “

18. Padrino Mary

2yo filly from TiltaWhirl, Career earnings: $47,000
Overall rating: Underdone(18)

Stable comments: – “My hope is that Padrino Mary is so short & fat other horses have trouble getting around her  :-). Jockey’s up for it, final weeks before pro.”

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